Tips for Saving On Your Hotel Room

Your hotel room generally costs you the most, next to airfare, in any trip. However, there are ways by which you can save a good sum on your hotel stay, and utilize it for shopping, or use it elsewhere. Below are mentioned some tips for saving on your hotel room, which are sure to be of great help to you.

Be flexible with your dates – the rates of hotel fluctuate on the basis of supply and demand. It is very important that you know about the peak period of the destination you will be flying to. If you have already planned to visit a particular place during its peak season, then try and change the dates by a week or two, and you will notice a considerable difference in the hotel room rates. The rates in some hotels also differ on different days of the week. Some business hotels might charge you lower rates on the weekends, while some leisure hotels offer better rates midweek. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly, to draw maximum benefits.

Look for low-cost holiday websites – this is the best option for you, if you are in the search of hotel rooms that will fit your budget. These websites try their best to create holidays for you that are very low on costs, and to make the cost lower, they generally offer you lower accommodation prices. If amongst the list there is the hotel you want to stay in, and if it has its own website, you can visit it, get to know about the room prices, and book it directly. They might also be offering special deals on some rooms, so you will get to enjoy even better rates.

Enquire about discounts or special rates – discounts are available almost everywhere, even on hotel rooms. Even if you have been successful in finding a hotel room that charges you reasonable rates, you can enquire about any special rates that you can enjoy. Some hotels offer military, student, senior, corporate and other discounts. Many hotels have special rates to quote for children, and at times, they are allowed free of cost, get to know about it.

There is no harm in bargaining – generally people think that what the hotel desk clerks tell them is the final say, and thus never even think of bargaining. But you should always try to negotiate, and you might hit on a better deal. Generally hotel managers would want to have customers paying a little less than the usual rates, than having no customers at all.

Book online – there are some hotels that offer you discounts only over the internet, through hotel’s website, or by you bidding for the room. You can save a lot by bidding, though you will need to pay using a credit-card, and will not know about the exact hotel.

Avoid hidden costs and extra charges – while booking a room make sure to enquire if they charge for parking. Try not to use the hotel phones, and instead use your own cell phones or prepaid phone cards. Generally hotels charge you for what they offer in their minibars, so do not get tempted by them.

If you follow these tips you will definitely save a good amount on your hotel room, and thus enjoy a low-cost vacation.

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