Duodenal Switch surgery for weight loss

Duodenal Switch surgery for weight lossIt takes only a minor amount of time to reduce one’s weight. But cracking lots of weight in just a few days is dreadfully dangerous to one’s health. The weight management experts say that it is not in good physical shape to lose more than eight pounds in a period of thirty days. One can have that form of accomplishment by finding some good strategies or guidelines that will work fine to lose weight. Here are some of the strategies by which one can lose weight in an easier manner.

Duodenal Switch:

Duodenal Switch “DS” surgery New Jersey is one method of weight loss surgery that is widely used to solve the problem of obesity. This method of weight loss combines two other surgery types into one thus resulting in a faster weight loss. So, people who wish to know the best weight loss surgery doctor in New Jersey in detail must understand prior regarding the various benefits and complications with this technique of weight loss.


Duodenal Switch “DS” surgery comprises of both the restrictive (Vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and malabsorbtive (gastric bypass) surgery into a single method. Because this method uses the combination of two different methods for weight loss, people feel that weight loss is more rapid.

Restrictive Weight Loss Technique:

This restrictive weight loss method is the one in which the abdomen of the patient is restricted to a smaller size so that the intake of food is reduced by the patient. This method removes a part of a stomach. This scenario will provide a limitation in the amount of food that is consumed by the patient.

Malabsorbtive Weight Loss Technique:

Malabsorbtive method is another technique for weight loss wherein the patient’s body is restricted from absorbing all the calories from the food they consume.

What makes Duodenal Switch rapid?

In case of Duodenal Switch “DS” surgery, the patient’s stomach is made smaller as well as the amount of calories obtained from the food is also reduced. Thus, it is resulting in a faster and an elevated weight loss.

Before and after surgery:

The patient undergoing Duodenal Switch “Ds” surgery has to follow certain advices given by the practitioner. The patient will be asked about his/her habits like consumption of alcohol, smoking, etc. One should avoid consuming alcohol before 48 hours of the surgery. Smoking has to be quit at least on a temporary basis for about 6 months after the surgery as it may lead to pneumonia, lung cancer or blood clots.

Benefits of Duedonal Switch:

The size of the stomach remains larger when compared to that in other Bariatric techniques so that the patient’s can have large quantity of food without any trouble.

The risk for developing ulcers is less when compared to that in other methodology of weight loss.

This intestinal bypass is reversible for those patients who have malabsorbtive complications.

Disappearance of greater obesity related illness.

The weight reduction methodology will continue for a longer period and the likelihood to gain weight is lesser.


One and the only complication with this Duodenal Switch “DS” surgery is that the operation once performed cannot be reversed because it is an irreversible process.

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